Author: Agata Morka

Council for National Open Science Coordination

CoNOSC European National Open Science Policymakers Discuss Open Access

On 22 and 23 June, Ireland’s National Open Research Forum (NORF) hosted a face-to-face meeting of the Council of National Open Science Coordinators (CoNOSC) at the Royal Irish Academy in Dublin, Ireland. Discussion over the two days revolved around the topic of open access. The event was attended by national policymakers from twelve countries, as…
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24th July 2023 0

Slovenia adopts the Decree on the Implementation of Scientific Research Work and an Action Plan for Open Science

At the end of May 2023 the Government of the Republic of Slovenia adopted the Decree on the Implementation of Scientific Research Work in accordance with the Principles of Open Science (see the English translation here) as well as the Action Plan for Open Science (see the English translation here). Both documents are based on the new Scientific Research and Innovation Activities…
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19th June 2023 0

News from the CoNOSC Open Science Policy Update Meeting

  In late April 2023, the Council for National Open Science Coordination (CoNOSC) held an online Policy Update meeting for its members. Twenty-seven representatives from eighteen countries shared the latest policy news about Open Science developments across Europe and beyond.  The European Commission started the meeting positively, confirming that Open Science (OS) was a strong…
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9th June 2023 0

CoNOSC Member needs report published

SPARC Europe took on the facilitation of the Council for National Open Science Coordination (CoNOSC) late last year. To kick-start its efforts and plan the work ahead, it investigated the needs of CoNOSC members. We are pleased to publish this report today.  The report investigates the needs of national policymakers, presenting key takeaways from interviews…
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28th April 2022 1

3 February 2022 CoNOSC meeting

​​ The fourth CoNOSC members’ meeting took place on 3 February 2022.  Some of us had the privilege of meeting in person in an impressive building of the French Ministry of Higher Education, Research and Innovation, located just steps away from the Pantheon. Marin Dacos, a CoNOSC Board member, welcomed the CoNOSC Board chair Henriikka…
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15th March 2022 0

Latvian Open Science Strategy launched

On March 1st 2022, the Latvian Cabinet of Ministers approved the Latvian Open Science Strategy 2021-2027, prepared by the Ministry of Education and Science. The strategy aims to provide society, researchers, businesses, policymakers, and other stakeholders with freely accessible scientific information (including scientific publications and research data) and promote meaningful societal engagement in the scientific…
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11th March 2022 0

1 December 2021 CoNOSC meeting

1 December 2021 CoNOSC meeting Eager to discuss developments in OS policies across Europe, the members of CoNOSC gathered for the third time on 1 Dec 2021.  We were delighted to see that the network had grown since the last time we met. The meeting gathered a handsome group of 21 participants, with ten member…
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1st December 2021 0