CoNOSC brings together national OS leaders to engage in an international dialogue and to share good practice for a stronger and more unified, workable Open Science policy framework. 

Open Science needs coordination. A plenitude of OS initiatives are underway on both national and international levels. This proves the solid will of governments and their research councils to make OS an essential part of the European research ecosystem. CoNOSC seeks to build on this momentum and ensure that countries can learn from one another to advance the OS agenda. When Open Science policies are being created and refined across Europe, we must work together.

CoNOSC fills in the gaps in national Open Science coordination, creating meaningful connections between its members. We help countries create, update, and revise their OS policies to empower the research community to embrace and smoothly implement openness in their everyday practice. We organise meetings, we interview the community, we facilitate knowledge exchange and we keep track of OS policy developments and share news with our members and with the wider public. 

Past meetings

  • CoNOSC Member Meeting, 20 March 2024, online
  • CoNOSC Member Meeting, 13 November 2023, online
  • CoNOSC Member Meeting, 22-23 June 2023, Dublin, in-person
  • CoNOSC Member Meeting, 26 April 2023, online
  • CoNOSC Member Meeting, 3 November 2022, online
  • CoNOSC Member Meeting, 13-14 June 2022, Delft, in-person
  • CoNOSC Member Meeting, 3 February 2022, online
  • CoNOSC Member Meeting, 1 December 2021, online
  • CoNOSC Member Meeting, 16-17 April 2020, Paris, online
  • CoNOSC Member Meeting, 21 October 2019, Helsinki, in-person