CoNOSC consists of a coalition of national and Open Science policymakers and international experts from the UN-European region. 

CoNOSC Board

CoNOSC is governed by the CoNOSC Board. It has four Board Members. They are nominated and elected by the membership:

Mr Marin Dacos, National Open Science Coordinator, Ministry of Higher Education, Research and Innovation, France

Ms Eva Hnatkova, Open Science Coordinator, National Library of Technology in Prague, Czech Republic

Ms Alina Irimia, Open Science Coordinator of national OS strategy development and Coordinator of the Open Science Knowledge Hub – UEFISCDI, Romania

Mr Marc Vanholsbeeck, Head of the Department of Federal, Interfederal and International coordination, Belspo Belgian Federal Public Planning Service Science Policy (BELSPO), Belgium

CoNOSC and its Board are supported by SPARC Europe. SPARC Europe facilitates knowledge-exchange activities, meetings and manages CoNOSC membership.


CoNOSC membership is open to at least all countries within the UN-European Region. 

CoNOSC members are generally national OS coordinators, ministry representatives with OS in their portfolio or high-level national OS experts, i.e. OS policy decision-makers. CoNOSC takes into account the differences in how Open Science is organised across countries and takes a flexible approach when recruiting members. Members can be nominated by the CoNOSC Board, by other members. National OS co-ordinators may also reach out to request joining CoNOSC.

Members actively participate in the network by updating CoNOSC on national policy developments and priorities and by engaging in dialogue on key policy matters. 

CoNOSC member meetings occur 3-4 times per year. The last CoNOSC meeting took place online in early November 2022. Membership is free of charge.

Find out more about membership or read the CoNOSC MoU.