A new European policy for Open Science

A new European policy for Open Science

27th June 2022 news 0
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It was almost one year ago – in preparation for the French Presidency of the Council of the European Union – when France proposed to discuss new Competitiveness Council conclusions related to open science and reform of the assessment system, in line with its national open science policy. This Council brings together ministers responsible for trade, economy, industry, research and innovation and space from all the EU member states. 

The policy outlines important ambitions to reform research assessment in Europe and to improve and accelerate Open Science academic publishing and scholarly communication policy and practice, including access to multilingual research output.

The 10th of June saw the endorsement of this crucial research policy document for Europe. It sees all 27 of the European Union’s Ministers aligned on OS and on the need to reform research assessment;
in unison on the necessary steps on how to proceed.
Ministers will need to report back on progress at the end of 2023.

Find the approved text here, and a shortened version here.