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Council for National Open Science Coordination

CoNOSC Members start to talk about national OS Monitoring

Twelve countries attended the online CoNOSC Members meeting on 13 November 2023 at a very busy time of year. SPARC Europe, as facilitator of CoNSOC, brought together experts on Open Science Monitoring to discuss this important topic. Ms Marita Kari, Senior Specialist, Secretariat for Open Science and Research,Federation of Finnish Learned Societies, Finland opened the…
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19th December 2023 0

Ireland’s National Action Plan for Open Research launched

On November 21st 2022, Ireland’s National Action Plan for Open Research 2022-2030 was launched at an event hosted by the National Open Research Forum (NORF). The National Action Plan outlines objectives and actions for the next chapter in Ireland’s transition towards open research. The plan was prepared by NORF and supports national strategic priorities for…
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15th December 2022 0
European Union Flag

A new European policy for Open Science

It was almost one year ago – in preparation for the French Presidency of the Council of the European Union – when France proposed to discuss new Competitiveness Council conclusions related to open science and reform of the assessment system, in line with its national open science policy. This Council brings together ministers responsible for…
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27th June 2022 0